The blu26 Cup Zurich win remains in proven hands

To close out the excellent sailing season, 11 crews signed up for the blu26 Cup Zurich. The lineup included the Danish team from Middelfart, who drove all the way to Zurich to meet us at the starting line.  And it wasn't in vain!  

The Zurich lake basin presented itself the way a blu26 sailor would wish for, with wind conditions up to 4 bft, wind twists and rain showers that tested the teams. On day two however the winds were more reluctant. In the end, the old winner was the new one. For the second consecutive year, team ‘Hazel’ from Zurich Yacht Club secured not only the win of the blu26 Cup Zurich, but also the overall bluboats Cup for 2019.  

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Looking back, the blu26 season 2019 was exceptionally diverse: over 23 teams, 70 races, more than 100 sailors and regattas in four countries!  And with no sign of any race hangover, team Hazel sailed through the season.  After five blu26 Cups, six races determined the annual winner last weekend.  The first day challenged the sailors during five races with winds up to 4 bft – gusting up to 5 bft – and partly heavy rain.  On the second day the wind weakened. Still, the patience and determination of the race officer payed off and an additional race could be realized. 

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This season, 23 teams were listed for the yearly ranking, led by team ‘Hazel’ from Zurich Yacht Club with Anita di Iasio, Michael Klötzli (skipper), Bruno Coduri and Dirk Euler. With the win of the blu26 Cup Zurich, team ‘Hazel’ was also able to secure the overall win of the bluboats Cup 2019. Team ‘Hazel’ won the Zurich Cup followed by the Danish team ‘GoSail’ with skipper Soeren Laugesen in second place and team ‘Sailingcenter’ with skipper Julian Franke-Ruthel, of Yacht Club Bad Wiessee, Germany in third. In the annual ranking, team ‘Voodoo Child’ was second und team ‘Giachen Ün’ third overall.

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The day before the races, the annual meeting of the blu26 International Class Association took place on Friday, 4 October. Two new committee members were voted, and new initiatives presented and agreed to maintain the attractiveness of the blu26 class. The next sailing season is awaiting the blu26 sailors with yet again an exciting schedule. We look forward to seeing you next year! 

The blu26 class recognizes and thanks the Zurich Yacht Club for the perfect organization and execution of the Zurich Herbstpreis 2019, and for the excellent hosting.


Video Nadine Bächli, new Secretary blu26 Class

Author: Céline Zuber | Pictures: Regula Vogel